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Supernova Electrician provides installation of EV charging stations in Gardena. Serving residential and commercial customers, we provide professional electricians when you need an EV charging station installed. In today’s era of electric vehicles, no one wants to be left behind, and so the demand for EV`s is high. The technologists continue working hard to help in delivering solutions geared towards a greener environment for all. Therefore, if you recently bought an Electric vehicle, the EV charging station is a requirement.

Not everyone can provide installation of the recommended EV charging stations. Therefore, come to Supernova Electrician for professional solutions. We provide EV charging station installation and ensure the solution is suitable for the car type. Therefore, you are assured super fast charging and longer lasting charging station. We provide solutions tailor-made for specific vehicle model, allowing the vehicle owners an ability to achieve efficiency.

Reliable and efficient electricians

At Supernova Electrician, we provide most efficient electricians serving you 24/7. When it comes to EV charging station installation, we have well trained personnel. Therefore, you are assured of 100% efficiency while our solutions guarantee you high performance. Our electricians understand the requirements of different Electric Vehicles. Therefore, when you hire us, you are assured that we will be able to deliver to your expectations.

Affordable and high quality EV charging station installations

At Supernova Electrician, We ensure efficient EV charging station installation. In addition, we have cost effective solutions guaranteed to provide 100% efficiency. We are readily available and we will ensure that we deliver to customer’s satisfaction.


Same day service

Supernova Electrician delivers the same day service to our customers. We have a hardworking technical team that remains dedicated to the project until completion. Talk to us today and enjoy the best services. to schedule a service, call us on


Readily available electricians providing EV charging station installation

At Supernova Electrician, you are assured that we will be available at whatever time of the day or night. When you need us, we ensure a super fast delivery while our solutions are tailor-made to suit your requirements. No matter the vehicle model, come to Supernova Electrician.

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Contact Supernova Electrician through our office number for the best EV charging station solutions. We are readily available, and our services come with 100% satisfaction guarantee.  To schedule for our services, call us through (805)380-7617.