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Electrician Gardena

Supernova Electrician is an established electric services provider serving Gardena and Surrounding Areas

Supernova Electrician in Gardena

Supernova Electrician is an established electric services provider serving Gardena and the environs. The electric installation and repairs services provider was established many years back and has continually grown to become a great competitor when it comes to electric services provision. Therefore, if you are looking for the best electric installation and repairs company in Gardena, look no further than Supernova Electrician. We have a great background in the profession and we provide our customers a great resource when it comes to issues to do with electricity installation.

At Supernova Electrician, we hire experienced and skilled electricians to join our team. Therefore, we provide our customer’s qualified solutions that are proven to meet the different requirements. our master electricians are continually taken through the electricity installation codes and procedures. This ensures that the safety of our customers is well thought when delivering different services. We want you to provide us repeat business, and so we shall always ensure that we deliver the best services.

To schedule a service, contact Supernova Electrician on (805) 380-7617. We are the top-rated electric installation and repair service providers. here are some of the electric services that we provide to our residential and commercial customers.

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Supernova Electrician delivers the same day service to our customers. We have a hardworking technical team that remains dedicated to the project until completion. Talk to us today and enjoy the best services. to schedule a service, call us on

Electrician Services

Lightning upgrade

Lighting Solutions Gardena

Supernova Electrician provides the best lighting installation solutions in the Gardena area. serving residential and commercial customers, We have the best solutions designed to meet the requirements of our customers. Therefore, hiring Supernova Electrician assures you that your lighting installation will be done by an expert. At Supernova Electrician, we provide superior interior and exterior lighting solutions. Talk to us when you need well-done landscape lighting. Our customers will enjoy great customer care while we ensure the same day solution.

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Cieling fan

Ceiling Fan Installation in Gardena

The ceiling fan is an important element in various households, especially when it comes to curb appeal. If you are looking for the best approach for beautifying your home, consider installing a ceiling fan. In addition, ceiling fan lighting creates an amazing look at the ceiling of your home. Talk to Supernova Electrician for ceiling fan installation and also ceiling fan lighting designs. We provide creative solutions ensuring that the ceiling has an amazing look. In addition, this is done at a pocket-friendly fee.

Electrical panel

Electrical Panel Upgrade Services Gardena

Supernova Electrician provides the best services when it comes to electrical panel upgrade. We have the best solutions, guaranteeing our customers a great experience. the older generation electric panels, do not meet today’s expectations in terms of quality and also efficiency. In order to ensure your appliances will be safe from frequent electrical faults, consider a comprehensive electric panel upgrade. Supernova Electrician will advise on best circuit breaker and fuses that will meet the customers’ expectations.

Switch Installation

Installation of Electric Outlets or Switches

The electrical switches or panels are considered a very important addition in your home, guaranteeing you safety and functionality of appliances. If a faulty switch is used, you are risking your life and also exposing the appliance to electrical fault risk. To ensure the electric switch is fully functional, talk to Supernova Electrician. In addition, we provide switch upgrade services. we will advise you on the most efficient modern switches. Call us and enjoy the best services.

Ev Charging

EV Charging Station Installation

As electric vehicles gain popularity, people are beginning to realize that shared EV charging stations is not the best way to go. Therefore, more residents are considering the installation of EV charging stations at their homes. Talk to Supernova Electrician for the best EV charging station installation. We will serve our customers well and ensure 100% satisfaction through the installation of the latest EV charging stations that match your vehicle model and make.

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Switch Installation

Switch Installation Services

Do you need an upgrade of the existing switches? A switch upgrade is a great approach for changing the appearance of your home. When it comes to installation of the switch, you want to ensure a professional job. That is why at Supernova Electrician, we provide our customers with the best switch installation services. call us today for a free quotation.